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Welcome to That Homeschool Life - Resources for Australian Homeschoolers designed by Australian homeschoolers to make the homeschooling journey that little bit easier!

Hi! I'm Lusi and am a long-time homeschooler who is passionate about sharing about the beautiful journey that we have gone on through homeschooling.  I hope that you'll find something that helps you along on your journey too. 

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How do I get my child who HATES writing to write SOMETHING?



How can I create work samples for registration that my kids won't hate?


How do I avoid burnout?


I'm worried they are missing out!





After listening to the reluctant writers talk by Lusi I immediately printed off her writing tips and asked my son which type of writing would he like to complete this week. He chose the menu plan and shopping list. He hasn't written much at all since started homeschool so I was grateful for those tools to help him.  

- Feedback from the Australian Homeschool Summit